March 4, 2007

You guarantee what?

Yesterday I saw a Quizno's advertisement on tv, and it struck me as kind of odd. Most companies offer guarantees in the form of "100% satisfaction, or you money back...guaranteed!" In the case of Quizno's, however, they offer something far less useful. At the end of the ad from yesterday, instead of offering customers their money back, the following offer was made:

100% satisfaction guaranteed or get another sub for FREE!

Now, I ask you, if I don't like a sandwich after trying it at Quizno's, why in the world would I want another one? On most occasions, if I dislike something, I try to avoid whatever it is in the future. How many of you, for instance, have tried Marmite and thought, "wow, this is truly awful," and then proceeded to ask yourself where you can get another jar for free? No one? Really?

Seems to me that most people who go into Quizno's and dislike the food would just like their money back. When offered another free sub instead, I foresee unhappy customers simply saying, "No thanks!" and leaving the store. Ooooh! That must be the whole idea behind the guarantee! A promise to customers that nobody will ever bother to collect on. What a brilliant way to save money! Quizno's has it all figured out. Way to go!


Random Reflections said...

I hope you are not maligning marmite! Marmite is great and I have no idea how anyone could dislike it. In fact I just ate some and it was delicious.

*shakes head despairingly*

Logan H. said...

Yes, I must admit, I really do dislike marmite. There are several other things that I could have used in its place, but it was the first thing that came to mind. I have tried it though, so I am not just bashing a food product without any knowledge whatsoever of its taste. Who knows though, I could begin to like it sometime in the future. Perhaps I'll give it another try some day...