March 5, 2007

Your daily dose of Edd, Part V

I am going to try a slightly different format for today's dose. Instead of the usual phrase, then context, then discussion, you will get a sort of dictionary entry. (This will be quite convenient if you are keeping a dictionary entitled The English Language, Edd Style.) If you don't like it, I'll go back to the old version, but for now--at least for this week--I am going to stick with this new form.

Today I'll be introducing you to a term that has (luckily) found its way out of Edd's vocabulary. For a time, though, it was uttered at least twenty-five times a day. The term is "tool silencer," and it requires two definitions. The first, "tool," is a common slang term that the Urban Dictionary defines as:

     tool [tool] -
A poser; someone who does things simply to show off.

Now that you understand that, here is the meaning of the oh-so-annoying term "tool silencer" as according to Edd:

     tool silencer [tool sahy-luh n-ser] -
        n. A piece of music (usually played by a guitarist) that reveals to the tools in the audience how much they suck.

Yes. He really did use that term to describe pieces of music. Apparently The Barber of Seville arranged for two guitars is a huge tool silencer. Who would've thought.

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